Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome to 'SV True North'

Welcome to our record of life on our sailboat 'True North'. We have very ambitious plans for this boat, and hope to take her to some of the most incredibly beautiful places on our planet - the Pacific Northwest of the US and Canada. This site will allow us to share some of the images and stories of our adventure with our friends and family.

Some background:

'SV' is shorthand for 'Sailing Vessel', meaning - well - she's a sailboat! Other designations include 'MV' for 'Motor Vessel', and my favorite 'RR', meaning 'Roll on, Roll off', which we saw on a car/truck ferry in Chile. Whatever, we just wanted to explain what that puzzling 'SV' means!

'True North' is a 2000 Hallberg-Rassy HR 36 Mk II sloop. She was built in Sweden and lovingly cared for by two previous owners. We bought her because Swedish boats are built for waters much like ours - cold, with lots of bad weather! We bought her in December 2011, and have spent the last few months getting to know her and fitting her out with some equipment we will need for our trip to British Columbia this summer.

We expect to depart Elliott Bay Marina in Seattle around June 1 2012 and return to Anacortes around the beginning of September.  We'll try to update this blog as often as possible, however Internet connectivity will be very limited for much of our trip.

With that, we'll close this introduction and have another cup of coffee on board True North!

Gregg and Anne


  1. What a great start! I feel like I'm right there having coffee with you...and wish that I was!
    Can't wait to hear more. --mary