Monday, September 15, 2014

Hurricane Odile Passes Within 36 Miles of True North

Writing from Bend, Oregon...

Update 9/18/2014:

We had word from Luis:

Hi Gregg
We are fine just not power, not phone
Your boat is good 

so it sounds like he is OK, and True North also.  But it's a tremendous disaster area down there, and tragically, it appears three cruisers died during the storm in La Paz.  Here are what we've found to be the best links for information about the storm damage.

Charlie's Charts facbook page

Latitude 38 magazine's 'Lectronic Latitude blog:

'Lectronic Latitude



Hurricane Odile passed within 36 miles of True North.  Not just a regular hurricane, Odile is the record breaker, with the strongest and most widely spread winds ever to hit the Baja peninsula.
Our boat watcher Luis, at Marina Costabaja, said not to worry about surge, just the wind, and the boat looked good snuggled down in what is considered the safest marina in La Paz. That was yesterday, before Odile passed by early this morning.

Here are some interesting images from NOAA National Hurricane Center:
NOAA forecast of probable track of Odile, 9/14/2014.
La Paz is in that red Hurricane Warning area.
Odile after passing right over Cabo San Lucas,
and a few miles west of La Paz.
We are waiting to hear from Luis, and hope fervently that he and his family are all OK.  It may be several days before we get a report on conditions in La Paz.


  1. We hope True North is safe and no damage. What a horrible storm. There are pictures on Charlies Charts facebook page of some of the areas, your marina seems to be the best. Best wishes for a good outcome.

  2. Thanks for that pointer to Charlie's Charts. Lots of good info there. It certainly is heartbreaking to see the damage, and the impact it has on everyone's lives down there. For us, it's just a boat. For them, it's their home.

  3. Glad to hear True North is ok. The damage to Baja is extensive and heartbreaking. See you soon...